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  The manpower of Ferrometalco are fully committed to:

1. Protect Environment from all kinds of pollution inside & outside the company as well as all external projects such air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and audio pollution and keep it always at lowest level.
2. Adopt procedures of safety and occupational health for employees, subcontractors and customers besides continual awareness of environmental.
3. Comply with relevant environmental and occupational healthy and safety legislation, regulations.
4. Set and annually review of policy, environmental and occupational healthy and safety objectives, programs and targets at each relevant function within the company.
5. Continual improvement of OH&S and prevention of pollution, reduce the accidents and energy rationalization inside the Company
6. Manage (HSE) matters equally with any other critical business activity.
7. Establish a culture in which all employees share this commitment.


  Real Photo - Belbeis Factory