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  Ferrometalco is one of the Largest Steel Manufacturing and Construction Companies in the Middle East Region, established since 1979 to provide Egypt, Middle East, Europe and African Countries with High Quality Steel Work.     Main Activites & Products   Fulfilling the Requirements of    

Main Facilities

      Steel Structures.( Industrial, Bridges,     Power Stations     Belbeis Workshop  
      High Risers,....)     Oil & Gas Projects     Total Area

320,000 sq.m

      ASME Pressure Vessels     Petrochemicals Plants     Covered Area

65,000 sq.m

  The company is a subsidiary of Steel Holding AG Baar - Switzerland.     Storage Tanks ( API, LNG,Cryogenic,.)     Cement Mills        
      Pipe Pre-fabrication Work     Steel Mills     Heliopolis Workshop  
      Plate Work ( Stacks, Ducts, Wind     Bridges     Total Area

40,000 sq.m

          Towers,...)     High Rise Buildings     Covered Area

20,000 sq.m

  Heavy Weldments & Machining(Turbine        
      Casing, diverters,..)              
      Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Other    


      Power  Plants Components      
      Complete Turnkey Erection Work      
      Including Electromechanical Installation